This module holds utilities used in other libraries of the toolkit. Check the packages' documentation for more details. You can find a quick recap of the main features in the sections below.

Install the Dependency

This module is not meant to be imported directly. It will be included by using any other part of the toolkit. However, if you only want to use the utilities, logging, etc. (i.e., for a desktop application), you can import it with the following code:

=== "build.gradle"

repositories {


=== "pom.xml"



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JVM information and other useful utilities. Includes basic program settings support at the /api/core/com.hexagonkt.core/-jvm object (like loading and retrieving system settings).

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Provides a logging management capabilities abstracting the application from logging libraries.

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Media types definitions and constants for default media types.

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Cryptography and key stores utilities.

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Text utilities to allow the use of ANSI escape codes and case converting tools among other features.